Exclusive: T.I. & Rihanna Get ‘Metaphorical’ in ‘Live Your Life’ Video

T.I. spoke exclusively with Rap-Up.com about the video for his second single “Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna. The clip was shot earlier this month in Los Angeles with director Anthony Mandler (“Disturbia”).

“The concept is kind of complicated because it’s so metaphorical. It goes back to the whole T.I. vs. T.I.P. thing. You know how sometimes people think that a record deal will just change their life and be the answer to all of their prayers?” asked the rapper with the No. 1 album and single in the country. “Well, you have Tip in that position representing all the kids in the ‘hood who feel that the answer to get out the ‘hood is a record deal. Or it could be a football or basketball contract or whatever that ticket is for them.”

The story line features another character who’s achieved his professional goals and been more successful in life, but still doesn’t have peace of mind. “That’s the T.I. character—he’s gotten himself into something that he doesn’t want to be in no more and now he’s trying to buy his way back out. The person who he’s trying to buy his way back out from, coincidentally, is the person who the Tip character is coming to see about the record deal.”

T.I. compares the plot to an Academy Award-winning film. “It’s like Pulp Fiction how all the stories cross. It’s being told from the last scene to the first scene and both of the stories kind of intertwine along with Rihanna’s.”

The video for “Live Your Life” will premiere later this month.

–Reported by Rajul Punjabi