Plies ‘Da REAList’ Official Tracklisting got its hands on the official tracklisting for Plies’ third album Da REAList, in stores and online December 16th. The LP features the single “Put It On Ya” as well as collaborations with Ashanti and Sean Garrett.

1. “Me & My Goons”
2. “Fuck U Gon’ Do ‘Bout It”
3. “Gotta Be”
4. “Want It, Need It” featuring Ashanti
5. “Plenty Money”
6. “Family Straight”
7. “Make a Move”
8. “2nd Chance”
9. “Spend the Night”
10. “Heard of Me”
11. “All Black”
12. “Street Light” featuring Sean Garrett
13. “I Chase Paper”
14. “Pants Hang Low”
15. “Co-Defendant”
16. “Put It On Ya” featuring Chris J