Jim Jones Ballin’ in Off-Broadway Play

We wouldn’t have guessed this day would come for the infamously scruffy Dipset baller but it has; Jim Jones starred in a musical this week in New York. Written and directed by J. Kyle Manzay, the play is an adaptation of Jones’ life story—a young street icon in Harlem whose brush with death and run-ins with the law shaped him into the man he is today.


Interspersed with cuts from his album, Pray IV Rain, the production has bits and pieces of documentary-style commentary, some almost famous cast members, and a couple of clever punch lines if you pay close attention. However, complete with gunshots and a group chorus of “This is For My Bitches”—a formal apology to the females he’s wronged over the years—it might not be ready for Broadway just yet.

–Rajul Punjabi in New York