Review Roundup: Brandy – ‘Human’

Brandy’s fifth studio album Human hits stores and digital retailers today. What are the critics saying? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: The huskiness that defined Brandy’s prior work has been replaced by wispier and higher tones. The result is pleasant but far less ambitious than her last CD, 2004’s Afrodisiac. B

Los Angeles Times: On Human you can hear Brandy striving (understandably) to express herself, yet the result rarely rises above diary-entry tedium. The few highlights come when Jerkins, who helmed most of the album, including the catchy lead single, “Right Here (Departed),” manages to dial down Brandy’s introspection and increase the groove factor. 1.5 out of 4

Newsday: Considering Brandy’s rocky recent past, the sweet serenity and uplifting R&B anthems that fill her new album, Human (Epic), are nothing short of stunning. B+

Boston Globe: Human is better than good enough. It’s a light, breezy listen that shows off Brandy’s resilience, humility, joy, and vibrancy.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Right Here (Departed),” “Piano Man,” “Long Distance,” “1st & Love”