Beyoncé to Star in ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Movie?

“Gilligan’s Island” is headed for the big screen. Plans to develop the 1960s TV sitcom into a feature film are underway and the producers of the movie already have their eyes on Beyoncé.

Sherwood Schwartz, one of the film’s producers, said that they are trying to secure Beyoncé to play sexy “movie star” Ginger Grant in the big screen adaptation, although nothing has been finalized. The original role of Ginger was played by actress Tina Louise.

Dawn Wells, who starred as Mary Ann on the hit TV series, told TV Guide that she likes the idea of Beyoncé playing red-headed Ginger. “There isn’t anybody sexier than Beyoncé!”

Michael Cera, who played Paulie Bleeker in Juno, is also being considered for the part of Gilligan.