‘Notorious’ New York Premiere

The stars were repping hard for B.I.G. at the bigger-than-life premiere of Notorious at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City on Wednesday. The dress code was strictly grown and sexy with most celebs, including Diddy, Ciara, Faith Evans, Angela Bassett, and Mary J. Blige, dressing in black, white, or gray. There was no sign of Lil’ Kim, but race car driver Jeff Gordon did randomly show up.

notorious_bigfam.jpg notorious_jay-z.jpg notorious_diddy.jpg notorious_ciara.jpg notorious_bassett.jpg notorious_voletta_bassett.jpg notorious_derek.jpg notorious_qtip.jpg notorious_naturi.jpg notorious_mjb.jpg notorious_voletta_mjb.jpg notorious_mama.jpg notorious_janice.jpg notorious_jamal.jpg notorious_jadakiss.jpg notorious_irv-ja.jpg notorious_icet-coco.jpg notorious_faith.jpg notorious_fabolous.jpg notorious_clue.jpg notorious_cassie.jpg notorious_busta.jpg notorious_tyrese.jpg notorious_gordon.jpg