Christina Milian ‘World’ Premiere Tomorrow

Christina Milian’s video for “Us Against the World” will premiere on Tuesday. Read what the video’s director Ray Kay had to say to about the clip and working with Christina. Catch a sneak peek here.

Funny enough, we had to shoot this video in some big sand dunes that were actually used by ATV and dune buggy enthusiasts, and the weekend of our shoot was the busiest weekend the whole year for them, so there were actually hundreds of ATVs and dune buggies around us during the shoot. They kept on stopping to watch the shoot, so we had problems getting clear backgrounds. Sometimes our crew got in trouble trying to get the ATV drivers to move. It looked like they had fun though. I think I’ll try an ATV ride there myself soon!

Christina is a director’s dream artist to work with. Every time I work with her, she manages to push us in a new direction, and I love that. It’s important to keep on reinventing yourself as an artist, and now that Christina has grown so much from her last album, we wanted that to show in this video. My aim was to create an iconic image of Christina, and use the desert and elemental fashion as a visual metaphor of the lyrics. I’m very happy with the way it came out—to me it’s a classy yet classic piece, and Christina is really shining here. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

–Ray Kay