Soulja Boy’s Guide to Turning Your Swag On

Soulja Boy Tell’em knows how to turn his swag on, whether that’s throwing out his trash in style in a Gucci garbage can or blowing his nose in $100 bills. Even during the recession, the 18-year-old rapper had some swag tips to share with Rap-Up in our Winter issue.

Here are five Soulja Boy-sanctioned steps you can take to turn your swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Put Cleanliness First
“Your hygiene gotta be good. Good shower, good teeth brushing.” And not just with any particular bar soap. “Gotta use that Soulja Boy Swag Soap!” If you can’t find that in your local drugstore, then he recommends sudsing with Zest.

2. Keep the Domepiece Tight
Proper hair is a must for both sexes. “Gotta get that fresh line-up; gotta get the braids re-did. If you a girl, gotta get the fresh perm.”

3. Show Your True Colors
“[You] gotta be matching from head to toe. Can’t nothing be offset. Gotta have the yellow hat, blue jacket, yellow pants, blue shoes, yellow diamonds, blue earrings! You gotta be super-duper color coordinated, swagged down, you feel me?”

4. Use Currency as a Hanky
“I turn my swag on by blowing my nose with $100 [bills].” Yes, we saw that in the video!

5. Forget the Recession
“Gotta ride an H2 Hummer that takes $200 to fill up in a recession and [there] ain’t no gas nowhere. That’s how you turn your swag on… Super ballin’!”

For the rest of Soulja Boy’s over-the-top swag tips, read “Swag 101” in the Winter 08/09 issue of Rap-Up, on sale now.

Reported by Crystal Williams
Photo by Jose Guerra