T.I. Leads by Example in MTV Reality Show

Press and media execs were quietly ushered into a small screening room on the fourth floor of Norwood in New York City on Monday for the private screening of MTV’s new series, “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go.” The show follows the ATL rapper–who created more of a stir in the past year than ever in his career–physically and through his thought process about his impending incarceration for gun possession.

T.I. himself slouched nonchalantly on a white leather couch in the front row to watch with the rest of the audience after answering a few questions during a brief press conference. The premiere episode, set to air on Tuesday, Feb. 10, allows viewers to get the whole story about how Tip ended up in the predicament he’s in now. From the very first scuffle at a nightclub, to the unfortunate death of his close friend driven by revenge, he walks his fans to where he is right now–a judgment day of sorts.

Calmer than anyone would expect, T.I. spoke to the media about how he plans to maintain his successful career momentum while he’s lock up, and how it’s affecting his family. He admitted in Rap-Up’s Winter issue that out of his six children, his oldest daughter is the one who’s been the strongest, and the one he’s least worried about because of her wisdom.

“[My daughter] doesn’t offer me advice about how to cope; she just supports me. We have an unspoken understanding. There’s a look we give each other. She knows I’ve got her back and I know she’s got mine,” he tells Rap-Up.com.

Aside from unfolding drama, the MTV show is largely about T.I.’s attempt to lift seven kids, who are on a drug and crime-filled path, out of their own looming danger by sharing his advice and showing them where he went wrong. Unexpectedly emotional, the show reaches past the surface value of these young hustlers in society, into past tragedies that have forced them into an unfavorable position.

–Rajul Punjabi