T.I. and Chris Brown

T.I.: ‘My Only Intention Was to Support Rihanna and Chris’

T.I. has released a statement clarifying comments he made about Chris Brown’s domestic assault case involving Rihanna.

“After careful consideration I realized I made the mistake of commenting before understanding the situation. I myself am no stranger to media scrutiny. My only intention was to support both Rihanna and Chris during these times. My heart goes out to both of them,” the statement read.

Tip had originally told Carson Daly on Monday that he spoke with his Bone Deep co-star and told him, “This too shall pass. People just gotta remember, we celebrities and we’re entertainers, but we still human. Don’t expect for us not to make mistakes because we will.”

The rapper, whose MTV show “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go” premiered on Tuesday night, expressed what his friend was going through. “I guess he a little concerned about his situation, but he’s still the same Chris.”