Is Chris Brown's Career 'Forever' Tarnished?

  /  02.12.2009

Chris Brown

In the wake of the assault charges facing Chris Brown, what does the future hold for the once squeaky-clean pop star?

The 19-year-old singer has already lost lucrative endorsement deals with gum-maker Wrigley and the Milk Mustache campaign. Radio stations such as Indianapolis’ 100.9 WNOU-FM and Cleveland’s WAKS-FM 96.5 have officially pulled his music from their playlists and more may follow suit. Not to mention, his boy-next-door image has been tainted.

If Brown had beaten up a guy, struggled with drug addiction, revealed he was an alcoholic, or even been involved in a sexual allegation (see R. Kelly), he would have probably rebounded over time. But will the music industry and his fans forgive the young star for allegedly hurting a female, especially when the battered woman is the much-loved Rihanna?

Has Jive Records lost their poster boy? Will Brown still be able to sell records and concert tickets? Has his superstar status been diminished? Or will he go the route of R. Kelly, who despite all his legal woes, managed to retain a large fan base?

Let us know if this is the end of the line for Chris Brown or if a comeback is in the cards.

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