Toomp Talk #1: Intro & Grammys

  /  02.12.2009

Toomp Talk

DJ Toomp, the super producer behind hits for T.I. (“What You Know”), Kanye West (“Good Life”), and Mariah Carey (“I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time”), joins’s growing list of celebrity bloggers. He’ll be checking in every now and then to update you on which artist he’s working with, what the music sounds like, and anything else he feels like talking about.

The hitmaker introduces himself, discusses his humble beginnings, and shares his thoughts on this year’s Grammys in his first Toomp Talk entry.


My name is Aldrin “DJ Toomp” Davis and I’m a music producer from the ATL. For those of you who may or may not know who I am or what I do, I am sure you’re familiar with a lot of the music I’ve produced.

First of all, let me say that this is going to be an exciting opportunity for me to be able to communicate directly with the world through this blog because I like being able to talk with my fans and will hopefully gain some new ones. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to go on tour or be in the studio with Luke and 2 Live Crew, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz, Glasses Malone, Young Jeezy, Mariah Carey, and of course, T.I. and Kanye West, who I have had the pleasure of grinding with and taking home Grammys with.

I won a Grammy in 2007 for “What You Know” from T.I.’s King album and it was just last year that “Good Life” by Kanye West featuring T-Pain won off ’Ye’s Graduation album. It’s an amazing feeling just to be nominated, but to actually take home one of those awards, which in my opinion is one of the highest honors in music, is one of the best feelings in life. I would’ve never thought that all that time I spent beating on pots and pans as a kid and then making and selling mixtapes in high school would lead me to win Grammys.

It’s definitely been a long, long journey but I wouldn’t change any of my experiences because I’ve learned a lot about myself and the business. I’ve been in this game for almost 20 years, but I’ve always had faith in my talent and have stayed grounded.

There was definitely a lot to talk about at the 2009 Grammy Awards and although I was in L.A., I decided to sit this one out. I’m trying to add a few more Grammys to my collection and have been trying to stay focused on my music. My predictions for the awards were pretty much on point and I thought everybody that was nominated and won deserved it.

Of course I was hoping that T.I.P. would’ve brought home a few more awards, especially for Best Rap Album because he really came from the heart. But T.I.’s such a talented artist that he’ll be bringing home some Grammy gold again soon. I’m gonna be posted out here in L.A. a few more days to work on some new music; I will keep you up-to-date through this blog. I’m signing off for now, but will be back in the same place in a couple of weeks. Until then, stay grinding.


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