Kid Cudi Tasered & Arrested at NBA All-Star Party

Rap newcomer Kid Cudi was tasered and arrested at a party during NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, Ariz.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper was reportedly involved in an altercation at Reebok’s All-Star Weekend event on Friday, according to Cudi verbally and physically confronted Reebok employees after he refused to wear Reebok sneakers on stage, instead opting for Jordans made by the company’s competitor Nike.

The Cleveland native had been booked by Reebok to perform at their party. After he got out of control, the police were called in. The MC was eventually tasered and arrested by police. It’s unclear if any charges were pressed.

UPDATE: Kid Cudi has addressed the incident on his blog saying that he was tasered, but not arrested. “I didn’t put my hands on anyone,” he writes.