Paul Wall on Rihanna Photo: ‘Damn, That’s Just Bad’

After seeing the startling photo of a badly bruised Rihanna, Paul Wall is sharing his thoughts on the Barbados beauty’s fight with Chris Brown that has everyone talking.

“I saw the picture and read all the blog comments. I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s just bad.’ I hope she’s alright,” the “Grillz” rapper tells Rap-Up.com. “I hate to get into other people’s business; whatever happened between them, that’s between them, but I just hope they both can come to a positive conclusion and that something positive can come out of it.”

The married father of one expressed his concern for the “Disturbia” singer and couples who struggle with domestic violence. “It’s just sad to see any kind of violence in a relationship. Being such young superstars, they have the world ahead of them both. I just hope that she’s alright. I didn’t see no marks on [Chris], so I’m pretty sure he’s alright.”

Paul Wall will release his third studio album, Fast Life, on May 12. He will shoot a video for the first single, “Bizzy Body,” on Wednesday in Houston, Texas.

–Reported by Rajul Punjabi