J.D. and Crew: 'Christina Milian Looking Like a Fool'

  /  03.03.2009

Bryan-Michael Cox, J.D., and Johnta Austin

Bryan-Michael Cox, J.D., and Johnta Austin

Jermaine Dupri’s Oceans 5 crew, which includes Usher, Bryan-Michael Cox, Johnta Austin, and J.D.’s assistant Tyrone, have expressed their extreme distaste for Christina Milian’s new look.

“This picture that we’re looking at is probably the ‘that ain’t it’ moment for probably the year,” says singer-songwriter Johnta Austin after seeing the photos of Milian sporting blonde locks at a Hawks game with The-Dream. “This is what happens when people fall out of the game. … That’s Christina Milian looking like a damn fool.”

“I used to think Christina Milian was hot. I used to want to take her to bed,” Austin goes on to say. “She couldn’t get a ride to the bus station looking like this right now.”

The comments were made in a video posted on J.D.’s YouTube account. The clip has since been removed.

There is speculation that these remarks go beyond Milian and have to do with riffs between The-Dream and the Oceans 5 camp.

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