Ellen Confronts Diddy on Chris Brown-Rihanna

A jubilant Diddy appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday to promote his Twitter page, among other things. But the mood quickly turned sour when Ellen questioned him about Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Diddy invited Brown and Rihanna to stay at his house in Miami Beach while the couple reconciled. That is also where the famous jet-skiing photos of the troubled pop star surfaced.

“That’s somebody else’s business,” he told Ellen when questioned about the incident.

“I know, but you gave them your house,” she responded. “Why would you give Chris, a guy who hit a girl, and he’s jet skiing around in your… I was a huge fan of Chris’. I love Chris’ music, he’s a talented guy, but to hit a girl…”

“I know both of them and it’s my house. And I’m allowed to give my house to whoever I want to give my house to. That’s number one. Number two is that I’m the type of person that I don’t cast a stone or cast a judgment on anybody. If a friend asks me for a favor, then I’mma be there for a favor, as long as I know the energy of the favor is positive. If I could be there as a friend during hard times, then I’mma be there as a friend,” he went on to say.

The conversation ended with Diddy returning to his good-natured self, asking, “Can we dance?” before busting a move alongside Ellen.

Watch the interview below.