Michael Jackson Shows Sell Out in Record Time

Michael Jackson fan Ayesha Obi

Michael Jackson’s 50 London shows have completely sold out in record time.

750,000 fans purchased tickets to see the King of Pop’s much-anticipated return to the stage at London’s O2 Arena. The farewell concerts sold at an average rate of 40,000 tickets an hour, 650 tickets per minute, 11 per second!

This morning, fans from as far as Japan, Belgium, and Dubai lined up to purchase their tickets. First in line was Ayesha Obi from London. Holding her front row tickets, the excited and emotional 19-year-old started crying and said, “I queued for two whole days. It was well worth the wait. I am ecstatic!”

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It!” tour kicks off July 8, 2009 and runs through February 24, 2010. Tickets are already on eBay for up to $10,000.