Kanye West Puts His Ego in Check

Known for his past “ALL CAPS” blog rants, this time Kanye West is capitalizing his letters in a humble manner.

The rapper took to his official blog to make light of his cartoon appearance on Comedy Central’s “South Park” (watch here) and own up to the fact that “having the crazy ego is played out at this point.”

“‘South Park’ murdered me last night and it’s pretty funny,” West stated via his blog. “It hurt my feelings, but what can you expect from ‘South Park’! I actually have been working on my ego though. I got a long road ahead of me to make people believe I’m not actually a huge douche, but I’m up for the challenge.”

The satirical cartoon show featured Kanye having an epiphany upon hearing Cartman’s discussion that one’s ego alters their ability to think properly. Surrounded by his entourage, a cartoon West claims he needs to believe what others tell him, jumps into the ocean, then raps, “… I got my wish, ’cause I know that I’m a gay fish.”

He went on to congratulate the show’s writers for drawing his team, including Sa-Ra’s Taz Arnold, donning animal print pants as seen during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. “I’m sure the writers at South Park are really nice people in real life. Thanks for taking the time to draw my crew. That was pretty funny also!”

–Georgette Cline