Rick Ross Pranked to End 50 Cent Beef

  /  04.10.2009

50 Cent vs. Rick Ross

The beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross has gotten a bit more interesting, but this time the G-Unit leader is not the one firing shots.

Ross revealed in a video interview with TorchisNy.com that Nelson Gomez, a man claiming to be a G-Unit employee, contacted him and offered him a lump sum to end his rap beef with 50 Cent.

“Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back,” Ross claims in the video. “I told him, “Make it a half a million and I’ll chill on Curly [50 Cent]. But that don’t go for Yayo and the other guy. I’mma still see them. Ya’ll got to pay separate.'”

BallerStatus.com reports that despite critics’ claims that Ross may have been lying, he was indeed telling the truth about the incident. However, the G-Unit employee identifying himself as “Nelson Gomez” was actually celebrity crank caller Ralphige.

“I crank called [Rick Ross] like two weeks ago, pretending to be someone from G-Unit—Nelson,” Ralphige told the site. “I hit him up, told him that 50 wanted to dead the sh$#, he was beating 50. 50 was willing to give him [$500,000] if he would just fall back, and just say, ‘I don’t want it with 50. 50’s too big, I don’t want him to f&*# me over.'”

While Ross did ask for 500K to walk away during the phone call, Ralphige stated that the Miami rapper ultimately passed on the offer. “He didn’t accept, which is one thing I respect. He was like, ‘Nah, I ain’t backing down.'”

After the call ended, the crank caller planned to release the audio file on the Internet. Unfortunately, Ross spread news of the call first.

“Before I could even put the call out, he was already doing interviews, talking about it,” Ralphige stated. “He ran to the media with it like it was real. He fell for that sh$#.”

At press time, audio of the Rick Ross crank call was not available. In 2007, Ralphige released Phone’kd: Celebrity Crank Calls, an album including crank calls to Eminem, Scott Storch, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, and 12 other victims. Audio clips of the calls are available on his website, Ralphige.com

–Georgette Cline


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