Rhythm of the Night: Scratch Academy

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen Beyoncé and her nephew Julez tapping away on a Nintendo DSi in a commercial for the gaming company’s latest installation, Rhythm Heaven. Just like B, Rap-Up.com had the opportunity to test the new rhythm-based video game and play to our own beat at Scratch DJ Academy in New York City last week.

The layout at the venue was something out of b-boy heaven. DS consoles, as well as turntables, were scattered throughout the room, allowing partygoers the opportunity to test their rhythmic skills at their leisure. Attendees also had the pleasure of experiencing a one-on-one instructional lesson by DJ Daddy Dog and DJay Jung, who showed how Rhythm Heaven’s drills and beat-keeping exercises relate to the skills of a professional DJ.

Guests were limited to three drinks of their choice, Coronas being the popular beverage of choice among gamers and DJs. The abundance of mini-burgers kept stomachs full, while the crowd was entertained by DJay Jung on the one’s and two’s. The night continued with an all-out DJ battle that everyone was encouraged to participate in. Packed with over 50 mini-games, the Nintendo DS and DSi game, is sure to be the end of world boredom as we know it.

–Bilal Morris