Curtain Call for Danity Kane

The final chapter in the Danity Kane saga came to an end on Thursday.

On part one of the season finale of MTV’s “Making the Band 4,” Diddy announced that he was officially dismantling the platinum girl group once and for all. Aundrea Fimbres and Dawn Richard were the only two members present to hear the news. The Bad Boy CEO released Aundrea, Aubrey O’Day, D. Woods, and Shannon Bex from their contracts, leaving Dawn as the only remaining member signed to the label.

“You’re a great person, you’re a great girl, but if I did another group, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing a group with you,” the music impresario told Aundrea. “I’ve given a lot of thought and I’m gonna let you out your contract too.”

While Aundrea was sent her walking papers, Dawn was spared. “As far as for you Dawn, I still want to make music with you, I still want you to be signed to the label, and if I decide to put back together Danity Kane, then you’ll be the only member that’d still be there.”

“This isn’t a decision I wanted to make,” he told the girls. “To be honest, ya’ll girls made this decision for me.”

Aundrea was filled with emotion as she shared her parting words. “We worked really, really hard to be where we are and for it to end the way that it did, sucks,” she said. “But I can’t be mad. I’ve done the things that I came here to do.”

The 25-year-old California native emotionally reflected on her memories in the chart-topping group. “I’m connected to them for the rest of my life because of something we accomplished together. Danity Kane will always be D, Aubrey, Shannon, Dawn, and me.”

Is this Danity Kane’s last hurrah or will they reunite on part two of the live season finale next Thursday?