Danity Kane Reunites for an Hour

Danity Kane, minus Aundrea, reunited on the live season finale of “Making the Band 4” on Thursday after Diddy announced the official breakup of the group last week.

Dawn, Aubrey, D. Woods, and Shannon appeared together on stage at the Hudson Theatre in New York City in front of their adoring fans. MTV VJ Sway asked the ladies why they broke up, and while not many insightful answers were given, their body language spoke volumes.

At one point, D. Woods switched places with Dawn during the commercial break so she could be closer to Aubrey. “The only one that ever came to ‘Hairspray’ was D. Woods,” said Aubrey, to which Dawn replied, “She’s the only one that went to the show because we had shows and she didn’t show up. We had to go perform.”

Diddy shared his parting words before the girls went their separate ways again. “There will never be another Danity Kane unless it’s these girls right here,” said the Bad Boy mogul. But Puff already has plans to form another female group. “I am gon’ do a new show looking for a new girl group. Hopefully, they’ll appreciate things and work things out.”

While Danity Kane pretty much ruled out a reunion for the time being, Dawn is working on Diddy’s Last Train to Paris, D. Woods will release a solo album later this year, Aubrey is co-executive producing her own reality show, and Shannon may explore country music.