Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Against Eminem

  /  05.09.2009

Nick and Mariah vs. Eminem

Nick Cannon is firing back at Eminem after the rapper took shots at his wife, Mariah Carey, on a new track.

Eminem makes several crude remarks about Mr. and Mrs. Cannon on “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” one of the songs off his new album Relapse. Slim Shady and Mariah were rumored to have dated in the past. She has denied the relationship.

“I can’t imagine what’s going through your mind after such a nasty breakup with that Latin hunk Luis Miguel,” Em raps in reference to the diva’s ex-boyfriend. “Nick Cannon better back the fuck up/ I’m not playin’/ I want her back you punk.”

He doesn’t stop there. The controversial MC calls Mariah nasty names and expresses that he wants to get back together. “I mean I really want you bad you cunt/ Nick, you had your fun/ I’ve come to kick it when you sack that chump,” he adds. “Nick Cannon, you prick, I wish you luck with the fucking whore.” Listen below.


While trash-talking celebrities is nothing new for Eminem, Nick is not letting him get away with it this time. Upon returning from his second honeymoon in the Maldives, the 28-year-old entertainer wrote a scathing blog entry titled “How Cute” going at Em and calling the rapper “Slim Lamey,” among other names.

“I had nothing but respect for this dude. But all of a sudden I hear my name in the verse! My first reaction was like, ‘This is his new shit??? Wow, that’s too bad…’ Then I felt sorry for him because he must really be stuck in the past. Not only has his music not evolved, but also homeboy is still obsessed with my wife, the same female that wouldn’t let him get to second base from 8 years ago! He even describes his desperate lameness in this bad excuse for storytelling track. That’s some real middle school shit right there! (What type of grown ass man lies about getting with a chick) Only Slim Lamey! LOL!”

Nick debated whether he should turn the other cheek, but the devil on his shoulder won out. He threatens to kick Eminem’s ass.

“Then I asked myself should I go find this Bitch and just whoop his little ass? But that might have just been the Creatine and protein shakes talking! LOL. Even though most people don’t know that I’m nice in the ring and have been training in boxing and Martial Arts for years that would just be childish and silly of me to bully this dude. He clearly has been picked on all his life and I would hate to add to his deep-rooted pain. As we all know he has had a hard life and has major insecurity issues and is very confused and unhappy with himself. So a guy like that doesn’t really need another ass whoopin, he needs a hug. We should really pray for his troubled heart.”

He even goes as far as to call Eminem racist.

“Maybe I’m going too far, but I thought we got passed the days where white men could spew vulgar obscenities at our beautiful queens and get away with it. What’s next? Are we going to let this trash say something horrible about our lovely first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama? Or would Marshall have talked sideways out of his neck like this about Oprah Winfrey? This act of racist bigotry cannot go unnoticed. Calling my wife a ‘cunt’ and a ‘whore’ is way worse than anything Don Imus could have ever said. So trust, repercussions will be served.”

He warns “Miss Marshall” that there will be repercussions for dissing his wife and that he will start rapping again to defend her honor.

“I’m taking full action on you Eminem. I don’t know why no one has stood up to your bitch ass yet. But I guess it’s going to take a corny, wack rapping, boy toy from Nickelodeon to set you straight. And trust, I am going to be relentless. Even though I got a lot of other obligations and occupations, you are my new full time job ‘homey’! As a matter of fact I think you going to bring my wack rhymes out of retirement! That’s right haters; you can thank Eminem because I’m going to start rapping again! LOL Just for him! And don’t forget about the jokes! We coming at you hard body!! Non-stop on your Manic-depressive-Insecure-Maclovin-Nazi- Liza Minelli haircut havin-lookin ass!! [Pause] That’s what I do all day Bitch!

So Miss Marshall, I’m going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife. This is going to be fun! It’s however you want it! Just remember, you did this to yourself! Your legacy has now been tainted from this day forth! You will now be known as the rapper who lost to Corny-ass Nick Cannon!!!”

Read the lengthy post in its entirety here.


Nick Cannon posted this image of Eminem on his blog.


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