Busta Rhymes Loves Cassie and Rihanna Photos, But...

  /  05.18.2009

Busta, Cassie, and Rihanna

Busta Rhymes is only human. The “Arab Money” rapper submitted to his urges and peaked at the nude photos of Cassie and Rihanna that leaked to the Internet. He raves about the R&B vixens’ assets, but disapproves of the snitch that may be behind them.

“I love ’em. They’re sexy,” Busta exclusively tells staging-rapup.kinsta.cloud when asked what he thought of the naked pictures. “I’m still a man. If I see a beautiful woman, I’m going to appreciate it.”

The photos have been under scrutiny since they surfaced online earlier this month, with some claiming they were intentionally leaked. “I don’t really read into all of that shit and who cares? I would hope that it was intentional,” says Busa Buss. “If it were accidental, that’s fucked up because nobody should be digging into their personal shit like that.”

Busta, who releases his eighth album Back On My B.S. tomorrow, thinks the appearance of the images is just another example of the times we’re living in. “At the end of the day, you’re living in the era of the snitch culture. Your personal life has no significance anymore. Motherfuckers want in on everything, so it’s an unfortunate reality.”

–Reported by Monique “Marvelous Mo” Balcarran


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