Pink to Kanye West: ‘You’re an Idiot!’

While others may hold their tongues in the presence of greatness, Pink is making her thoughts about Kanye West perfectly clear.

The fur reportedly flew when Pink attended Stella McCartney’s Paris fashion show with the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Kanye. “The entire time Kanye is going, ‘They need more fur in this show,'” Pink told Britain’s The Sun. “He just wouldn’t shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he’s saying this to me, the PETA guy, and Paul McCartney!”

The “So What” singer is an avid PETA supporter and didn’t hold back her feelings about the fashionable rapper. “Kanye West is the person pissing me off right now,” she said. “I was just so grossed out by him. I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot!’ There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he’s up there. I should wear him.”

Pink’s advice for Mr. West? “Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur.”