Wale Calls Lady Gaga the ‘Next Madonna’

After “Chillin'” with her in his new video, Wale has great expectations for Lady Gaga.

“She’s a very talented musician,” the D.C. rapper tells Rap-Up.com of his collaborator. “She’s kind of underrated from her musicianship standpoint. I think a lot of people think it’s more style over substance, but if you’re in the studio, then you would know she’s very musical and everything is kind of a big idea with her.”

Gaga has drawn comparisons to Madonna for her pop sound, eccentric style, and inventive videos. When asked if she has the potential to be the next Queen of Pop, Wale was unwavering in his response. “Her fan base is there, so ‘potential’ isn’t even a word anymore. She’s incredible and she has a lot of fans.”

The way Wale sees it, the “Poker Face” singer is heir to the Material Girl’s throne. “I think she is the next Madonna. Nobody wants to hear this persons the next that, because everybody’s so nostalgic, but I think she is. It’s the Generation Y version of Madonna,” he says. “She’s 24 years old and she’s very risky and a fashion icon. The songs are good—she’s definitely [the next Madonna].”

Wale is not the first artist to compare Gaga to Madonna. Kanye West echoed similar sentiments in a recent blog entry.

–Reporting by Monique Balcarran