Does Wale Believe He’s the Greatest?

GQ named Wale the “greatest rapper since Jay-Z” on the cover of the magazine’s June issue, but does the “Chillin'” hitmaker buy into his own hype?

“I think I’m great, but I don’t really fall into what GQ‘s saying,” the modest MC tells Rap-Up.com. “I appreciate the accolade, but I just got to do me.”

Jay-Z has been called the greatest rapper alive by many hip-hop fans. So what would Hov think of the comparison? “I’m sure Jay didn’t think of it too much. I’m a good friend of Jay. He’s probably like, ‘This young motherf**ker don’t deserve that yet,’ but it’s good for press.”

Until he reaches Jay’s status, Wale plans to keep grinding and win over more than just GQ‘s editors. “I’m just going to continue to make the good music that I make and hope that more people feel like I’m the greatest rapper.”

The D.C. native’s debut album Attention Deficit is due out later this year featuring the Lady GaGa-assisted single “Chillin’.”

–Reporting by Monique Balcarran