Raheem DeVaughn Offers Stimulus Package

Mixtapes are usually crafted by rappers and unsigned artists, but R&B dude Raheem DeVaughn is breaking that mold with his latest 19-track compilation, The Art of Noise. The Grammy-nominated artist’s mix is set to provide listeners with “emotional stimulus” in a world climate that is under extreme duress.

“These are difficult times we are living in and everyone is affected, directly or indirectly,” says DeVaughn. “We all know someone that has lost a job, a house, or simply struggling just to make ends meet. If we all do a little, no one has to do a lot.”

The Art of Noise, available for download at 368musicgroup.com, is a prelude to DeVaughn’s highly anticipated third album, The Love and War MasterPeace, due out later this year.

–Georgette Cline

The Art of Noise Tracklisting

1. “Godspeed”
2. “So Amazing”
3. “Cocaine Dreams”
4. “Walk You to the Dance Floor” featuring Ice the Villain
5. “Club Hop” featuring T-Pain
6. “Planet Body Rock”
7. “I Wanna Love You” featuring Young Chris
8. “Night to Day Song by Al B. Sure!”
9. “Talk Shit to You” featuring Phil Ade
10. “Object of My Affection”
11. “Weatherman” featuring Phil Ade
12. “Insomnia” featuring Stello
13. “Beat It Up”
14. “Desire Interlude”
15. “Lay Awhile”
16. “Absent Hearts” featuring Kingpin Slim
17. “Back to Your Heart”
18. “Pieces of Clay” (Marvin Gaye Remake)
19. “The Hennessy Joint”