10 Questions for the Paradiso Girls

There’s a bee going around town, and its buzz is surrounding five newcomers dubbed the Paradiso Girls. Signed to will.i.am music group/Interscope Records and founded by Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin, the Paradiso Girls have an arsenal of talent guiding them toward chart domination.

Their first single, “Patron Tequila” featuring Lil Jon and Eve, a feisty party anthem, is garnering attention for raving over club revelers’ drink of choice. The record is a preview of what’s to come from the fivesome’s debut album, Crazy Horse, a name inspired by a French cabaret.

Speaking of France, it’s just one of the countries that the girls hail from. Aria (France), Chelsea (U.S.), Kelly (Barbados), Lauren (London), and Shar (Philippines) each bring a unique vibe to create one boisterous, mischievous, and sassy girl group. Lauren broke away from her artistic duties in L.A. to dish about throwing back shots with Lil Jon, which member is ahead of the fashion curve, and a hidden talent she’s no longer keeping under wraps.

1. When you met Lil Jon, was it hard not to yell “What?” “Yeah!” or “OK?”
No, I did. I was like, “Yeah! Wooo!” And he was trying to get us drunk when we were shooting the video. He was like, “You are not going on until you have a shot of Patron with me.” I was like throwing it over my shoulder.

2. So you guys actually had Patron tequila on set?
Well, it wasn’t the plan but he wanted us to have a shot before we did the scene with him.

3. What was your first experience drinking tequila?
You know, I actually hate the taste of tequila. But I had it on my birthday when I was in England. I had one shot of Patron. It made me so drunk I couldn’t even remember. Sometimes I’ll have one sip and pretend to drink the shot and put it right back on the table. But Kelly and Shar, they’ll have a couple of shots of Patron. Aria doesn’t drink really, and Chelsea doesn’t really drink too much either. We’re not like crazy party girls. We can be crazy without any type of alcohol.

4. Outside of being styled, who has the weirdest taste in fashion?
I’d say definitely Kelly. She’s [from Barbados], and she throws on whatever she feels like and it always looks really, really good. She doesn’t particularly follow fashion; she’s usually ahead. But she’ll wear something and then it will come into fashion. She’s got great style.

5. If you could switch places with any other girl in the group, who would it be and why?
I’d like to switch places with all of them at one time. I mean no one in particular. I’m happy where I am. I like being the English girl in the group. I like the role I play.

6. What do you guys tend to argue over the most?
I mean, we don’t really argue that much. Usually if we do, it’s over something so stupid, but it’s not even worth arguing about. One of us will be late or something and it will be like, “Why are you late? You’re making us all late!” Just the same thing sisters would argue about. We get along really well.

7. When you’re not doing music, what do you do for fun?
When I’m not doing stuff with the group, I paint. I wish you could see. I did these weird characters with stuff.

8. What songs are on your iPod?
You know I have so much different stuff. I have like really old music like Motown music. And I have dance music. I have hip-hop, I have R&B. I don’t listen to a specific type of music. I just like what I like. If I hear a song and I like it, I listen to it. I have all sorts of different stuff, even opera.

9. Can you say all your wildest dreams have been fulfilled?
To be honest, this wasn’t even in my wildest dreams. But we’ve come this far already. I’m from this small place in England called Kent, which is like the middle of nowhere. I live like amongst fields and farms and stuff, small village. I never expected to be out in L.A. I started this group when I was 17 as well. It’s like really a big deal for me and my family. I never expected to be here. So my dreams keep expanding, getting bigger and bigger.

10. It’s five years later. What are the Paradiso Girls doing?
I still don’t know what I’m doing next week. We just take it as it comes. We can’t predict what we’re gonna be doing in five years. I hope that we’re gonna be doing well, and I hope our album does well, and that we’re going to be making music. I just hope that we’re in a good place in five years.

–Tanya Remekie