Unrapped: L.A. Jerk Duo The Bangz

Hailing from Los Angeles, Sabi and Ella Ann, the fresh new divas who make up the hip-pop outfit The Bangz, are taking over airwaves and teaching the nation how to “jerk” with their debut single, “Boys with Tattoos (We Jerkin’).”

The lovely ladies came together after Ella Ann, 20, part of the songwriting group The Handlebars, was in search of an exceptional artist to sing a verse on “Boys with Tattoos (We Jerkin’),” produced by The Co-Stars. “Sabi came in and she killed it!” Ella exclaims. “The chemistry was there, so we’re The Bangz now.” The track is a move toward expanding the jerk movement, an L.A.-born dance and music style. So how did this twosome get involved? “Our style is about just having fun. We’re the female voice of the jerk movement. It’s like the younger generation who are rebellious and have swag, wanna have fun, and don’t care what any rules are,” Sabi explains.

Part of the jerk movement is a loyalty to tattoos. As their catchy hook proclaims, The Bangz love tattooed men. Both ladies admit to getting inked themselves—Sabi, 21, rocks a single tattoo, while Ella Ann boasts a full sleeve, as well as a back and foot piece. “If you have tattoos, that’s a plus,” the eldest of the Bangz reveals. “If you don’t, [then] I don’t know!”

Fans of all music from Earth, Wind, & Fire to Santigold, The Bangz are a group inspired by a multitude of sounds. “We’re gonna touch on pop, we’re gonna touch on rock, we’re gonna touch on punk,” says Sabi. “We’re gonna do a little bit of everything.”

The duo, signed to Van Nuys Records/Asylum Records, are currently performing on a local tour with fellow jerk artists, The New Boyz and Cold Flamez.

–Nadia Chante