Wale Samples Rihanna’s Goods

Rihanna is quickly becoming hip-hop’s most in-demand feature. After her recent appearances on Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and in Kanye West’s video for “Paranoid,” the singer is now getting her first rap sample.

Wale samples Rihanna’s “Question Existing” on “Contemplate,” one of the tracks off his debut album Attention: Deficit. The song was produced by Syience, the man behind Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s “Hollywood” and John Legend’s “Take Me Away.”

The deep and dark record finds the D.C. native contemplating his place in hip-hop. He asks himself, “Am I doing this for them or me?” while name-checking everyone from Courtney Love to River Phoenix.

“Who am I living for?/ Is this my limit?/ Can I endure some more?” Rihanna sings on the hook, which originally appeared on her 2007 album Good Girl Gone Bad. She may re-record her vocals before Wale’s album drops this fall.