Timbaland Wants to Work with Taylor Swift

Timbaland has worked with everyone from Jay-Z to Madonna, but there’s one person he’s yet to check off his list.

The super-producer is eyeing a collaboration with Taylor Swift. “I think the main person I want to get is Taylor Swift,” he told RadarOnline.com. “I love her voice. I just think me and her can do something amazing.”

Timbo reached out to the country singer, but was unsuccessful in his attempt. “Her people said that she was busy. She wanted to do it, but you know, there’s all these people you gotta go through and her people said she was busy… but I’ll make it happen.”

Fans can expect a fusion of hip-hop and country if and when the unlikely pair come together. “It would have a country swing, but just a little bit of me. I know how to do that real good.”

Taylor is no stranger to hip-hop. She recently recorded a rap with T-Pain for the 2009 CMT Music Awards. Timbaland has also dabbled in country music, recording with Keith Urban.