Oprah on Jay-Z: ‘He Smelled So Good’

Watch out Beyoncé. Oprah has been smitten by the scent of Jay-Z.

The media mogul called in to her friend Gayle King’s Sirius XM show on Monday to discuss her photo shoot with Jay in Brooklyn for O magazine. “I woke up at three in the morning thinking, ‘Maybe he e-mailed me.'”

The two friends fought over their new pal. “Oprah and I were arguing about who loves him more. It was very seventh grade. I go, ‘Oh no, I love him more,'” gushed Gayle, who called Beyoncé’s husband “Mr. Dreamy.”

Oprah may take issue with some of Hov’s lyrics, but she still likes him as a person. “I have some disagreements with the music. [My admiration] is pure. Mine has nothing to do with music. Mine is just him.”

Gayle, on the other hand, likes Jay-Z the rapper, as well as the individual. “I like the lyrics that he uses. I like the lyrics, I like the beat, but I love him.”

The rapper’s scent lingered on Oprah. “He was so charming and delightful and he smelled so good. It’s that kind of thing where you hug a guy and the scent is sort of buried in them. When we went to the second location, I could still smell him on me. I was like, ‘Oh my, this is wonderful.'”

The Big O has nothing but respect for Mr. Carter. “He’s very smart. He’s really, really gifted,” she said. “At the end of the day, I felt like I made a friend. I’m like, ‘Please e-mail me.'”

Source: RapRadar.com