Christina Aguilera Teams with M.I.A.

Christina Aguilera is straying from the path and working with some unlikely collaborators on her new album.

The pop star is putting the finishing touches on her fourth studio album with help from Sia, Santigold, and even M.I.A. “I got a chance to sort of write with Santigold, M.I.A., Ladytron—artists that I really love,” she told A.P.E. Radio (via MTV News). “I think I’m most proud of this work than I’ve ever been, just because I worked with so many amazing and incredible, talented people.”

The album is a departure from her last three efforts. “I really like to step outside of my own box,” said Aguilera. “The result was just crazy magic. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy on the record. It’s versatility is really special. Lots of good stuff in store!”

M.I.A. is recording an album of her own. She recently revealed that she has completed seven songs for the untitled project. No release date has been set.