Soulja Boy on Chris Brown Collabo: ‘It’s a Smash’

After Chris Brown penned a song for Soulja Boy Tell’em’s latest album, the “Turn My Swag On” rapper is returning the favor. The under 21 stars have collaborated on a new “smash” for Brown’s third album Graffiti.

Chris Breezy and Soulja Boy originally recorded “Yamaha Mama” for the latter’s sophomore effort iSouljaBoyTellem. Brown was replaced by Sean Kingston on the album version. “[Chris Brown] wrote that song,” Soulja Boy tells Rap-Up.com. “He was on the hook originally, but he came back and told me that he didn’t like the song, so we put Sean Kingston on the record.”

Not to worry though. The two already have another collaboration in the bag. “I’m already on his album. I did a record with him when I was in L.A., probably a month ago,” Soulja Boy reveals. “He called me up and was like, ‘Man, I want you to get on this song.’ So we worked together and we did a song that I think a lot of people gon’ like. It’s a smash record. When he put it out, it gon’ get a good response.”

Don’t be surprised to also see the “Run It!” singer on Soulja Boy’s new album The DeAndre Way. “If I want him to be on the album, he gon’ be on the album. It just depends on the right type of song. If the record makes sense and I want him to be on there, he gon’ be on there.”