Mariah on Eminem: ‘I’m Not a Fan’

How exactly did Mariah feel after hearing Eminem’s latest diss song directed at her and her husband Nick Cannon? Mimi shares her feelings and addresses Slim Shady in a new interview with The Guardian (via Mariah Daily).

On Em’s diss track “The Warning”: “He wrote a song about me and my husband, and in a really derogatory and juvenile way. And it’s not up to par with his other songs. … See, the difference is, my song is on the radio and his, you have to search for it.”

On “Obsessed” being about Eminem: “I never said it was about him. If he sees himself in that song…”

On their rumored relationship: “I’m not a fan. There’s no connection there. I knew him, kind of vaguely, eight years ago, on a purely platonic level, and then he wasn’t my friend any more and I was like, OK, whatever. And this was eight years ago and he’s just writing this song. For no reason. No reason.”

On what Nick Cannon would do if he sees Eminem: “He is going to slap him if he ever sees him. He boxes.”