Usher’s New Single to Debut Monday

Usher is airing out his dirty laundry. The R&B superstar will address the end of his marriage on the first offering from his new album, set to debut Monday.

The title of the song, originally reported to be “Filing Papers,” has been confirmed as “Papers” by Jive Records. It was penned by Sean Garrett.

The new single was supposedly written before Usher announced his divorce from Tameka Foster. “Let’s say I wrote a record for Usher three or four months ago where I really didn’t have any idea of what he was going through personally,” Garrett told MTV News in June. “I felt that was the direction we needed to go. I felt that was the question everyone wanted to know: Was [his relationship] good or was it bad? Was it right? Are you happy or you’re not?”

“Papers” will premiere on Monday, October 5, at 2:02 p.m. EST, unless the Internet gets its hands on it earlier. Usher’s sixth studio album Monster is due in December.