Tricky Stewart Scores Christina Aguilera’s Film Debut

Last week we told you about Tricky Stewart’s involvement with Christina Aguilera’s fourth studio album, but what we didn’t reveal is that he’s also producing the score to her feature film debut Burlesque.

“I’m scoring her debut film with Cher right now,” Stewart tells Rap-Up.com. “It’s a theatrical musical, like a Chicago type of situation.”

The Screen Gems title, set to begin production next month, marks Aguilera’s big screen debut alongside Cher. She plays a smalltown girl who grows up in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club run by Cher’s character, a former dancer.

Tricky described the direction for the movie’s soundtrack, due next fall. “A lot of the music is from a certain time period, so it’s a lot of remakes and her singing her favorite songs. Really, really interesting and creative stuff.”

He hasn’t had the chance to record with Cher yet, but remains optimistic. “Not yet, but hopefully.”