Angie Martinez Interviews Chris Brown

Chris Brown, wearing a purple bow tie, did his first radio interview since “the incident” with HOT 97’s Angie Martinez on Wednesday (Oct. 21). Listen below.

Part 1 – On his regrets, losing his role model status, and his father’s reaction.


Part 2 – On the pain he felt and the calls he received from Will Smith and Diddy.


Part 3 – On Oprah’s comments, why it won’t happen again, the counseling he’s seeking, the resurgence of “Forever,” and his praise for TMZ.


Part 4 – On his “Larry King Live” interview, his new album, and being the underdog.


Part 5 – On Rihanna’s new single, his undying love for her, dating, the haters, “Fan Appreciation” tour, and his message to fans.