Amerie Hopes to Reunite with Rich Harrison

Although he has been absent from her latest two albums, Amerie hopes to work again with Rich Harrison, the producer behind her smash “1 Thing.”

The hitmaker, who helped craft the R&B singer’s early sound, produced her 2002 debut All I Have and the bulk of her 2005 sophomore album, Touch. “Hopefully, we’ll work together on the next project,” she tells The Washington Post. “I really want to. I’m always thinking about the next thing.”

For her Def Jam debut due Tuesday, she collaborated with lesser-known producers such as The Buchanans and Del Pearson. “On the radio, you have a lot of artists sounding like each other,” Amerie explains. “They don’t really sound like themselves—they just sound like the producer who did the record. To me that’s super-whack.”

Her fourth album In Love & War features the singles “Why R U,” “Heard ’Em All,” and “Pretty Brown” with Trey Songz. Listen to the album in its entirety below.