Review Roundup: Amerie – ‘In Love & War’

Amerie’s fourth album In Love & War ships out today. Did the singer’s Def Jam debut come out victorious with critics? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: Nothing on her comeback effort In Love & War matches the brash energy of her biggest hit [“1 Thing”]—though it’s not for lack of trying, with many of these tunes shamelessly mimicking that one. Most settle for a less distinctive funk-pop sound that’s still more adventurous than the majority of contemporary R&B. B

Rolling Stone: On Amerie’s fourth album, she excels at getting in your face without overdosing on divatude—not much excessive Beyoncé-size vocalizing here. The lack of pretense can’t save snoozy slow ones like “The Flowers,” but some of the uptempo tracks borrow the basic approach of her great 2005 single “1 Thing.” 3 out of 5

The Washington Post: Amerie’s fourth studio album, In Love & War, contains neither [Rich] Harrison nor a hit of “1 Thing” magnitude, but it shows she can put together a solid collection of dance tracks all by herself—with the help of a few good producers (such as Teddy Riley and Sean Garrett), of course.

The New York Times: Amerie is still looking over her shoulder, for music and attitude, to Beyoncé, especially the percussive chants and kiss-offs on Beyoncé’s 2006 album, B’Day. But Amerie’s raw voice, blunt lyrics, and rhythmic ingenuity make In Love & War a designer knockoff that at times rivals the original.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Heard ’Em All,” “Dangerous,” “Higher,” “Swag Back”