Omarion Reacts to Being Replaced by Lloyd on Young Money Single

After his split with Young Money in August, Omarion hit another “Rock” when he was replaced by Lloyd on the rap crew’s new single. He shares his reaction with Rap-Up.com.

The former B2K member originally sang the hook on “Girl You Know,” later retitled “BedRock,” for December 15th’s Young Money compilation We Are Young Money. When asked what he thought of his replacement, “You” singer Lloyd, Omarion said, “That’s interesting. I heard it. It didn’t bother me.”

O was first contacted about remaining on the song or having someone else sing his hook. “I was contacted and they told me they wanted to potentially use my version of the song or have someone else sing it because I wrote the hook.”

In the end, his vocals and lyrics were swapped for Lloyd’s. “Lloyd did another hook. That’s what’s so interesting to me too,” he shared. “Technically people didn’t have to know that [I wrote the hook if Lloyd would’ve sang my version]. I didn’t go and tell nobody before the song came out.”

But Omarion still thinks he outshined his R&B counterpart. “Truthfully, I thought mine was better.”

–Reporting by Georgette Cline