Jamie Foxx Casts Tricky Stewart & The-Dream for New Album

Jamie Foxx is gearing up for his fourth album and just like his movies, he’s assembled an all-star cast to craft his musical blockbuster.

Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, who produced “Just Like Me” and “Digital Girl” for 2008’s Intuition, reunite with Foxx for the project. “He’s one of our favorite artists to work with. When I think of Jamie, I’m always gonna think to pound the urban community,” Tricky tells Rap-Up.com. “He has a really solid fan base in the urban community and I feel like his pop appeal comes through his personality, so we’ll make sure that we keep the music really urban.”

Rico Love also played a role on the album. “I did a record for him called ‘Straight to the Dance Floor,'” reveals the songwriter behind Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams.” “That’s a big record that Carlos McKinney produced.”

The Oscar winner recorded while touring and pushing his latest film Law Abiding Citizen. “I respect Jamie because he was recording while on tour,” Love adds. “He had a studio on the bus and was promoting a movie at the same time.”

Get a taste for what Foxx has in store with the Bangladesh-produced “Speak French” featuring Gucci Mane. Listen below.