Justin Bieber’s 10 Lucky Ladies

Justin Bieber may not even have his driver’s license yet, but that’s not stopping the 15-year-old singing sensation from winning the hearts of music’s most famous women. From asking Rihanna out on a date to trying to steal Beyoncé from Jay at the Grammys, Bieber fever is sweeping through Hollywood. Here’s just a sampling of Bieber’s lucky ladies. Who will be next?

Beyoncé and Justin Bieber

“Beyoncé’s just always on my mind, I’m sorry Jay,” Justin confessed to Mr. Carter about his celebrity crush at the Grammys.

Fergie and Justin Bieber

Josh Duhamel isn’t the only one head over heels for Fergie’s lovely lady lumps.

Justin Bieber and Sheryl Crow

Age ain’t nothing but a number to Justin Bieber, who made a lasting impression on Sheryl Crow.

Gladys Knight and Justin Bieber

Even 65-year-old R&B legend Gladys Knight fell victim to Justin’s charm. Watch out, Toni. You’re next.

Jordin Sparks and Justin Bieber

Justin made sweet music with “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks.

Ke$ha and Justin Bieber

Usher’s protégé likes bad girls like Ke$ha too. Too bad she only falls for guys that look like Mick Jagger.

Nicole Scherzinger and Justin Bieber

“It was hard to take my eyes off her, she’s so gorgeous,” Justin gushed about Nicole Scherzinger while recording “We Are the World” with the Pussycat Doll.

Shania Twain and Justin Bieber

J.B. has a soft spot for his fellow Canadian Shania Twain too.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift may have won four Grammys, but first Justin Bieber won the country singer’s heart when he toured with her last year.