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She may call herself the Baddest Bitch, but Trina also has a candy-coated sweetness about her that’s hard to ignore. At a listening session for her new album Amazin’ held at EMI Music’s Manhattan offices, the humble rap diva welcomed journalists with handshakes, peppering her greetings with “beautiful” and “sweetie,” and even blamed her fluttering on nerves. In no time though, she stepped into the authoritative role to walk us through the journey of her fifth studio effort.

By now, the Miami mami knows the components of a smash. The sanguine effect of rapping and a hot collabo, combined with talented producers, doesn’t just manifest into a hit, it creates detonation. From beatmakers Jim Jonsin and J.R. Rotem to guest stars such as Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, and Monica, Trina has one bad (meaning good) album on her hands. And if those credits aren’t enough, pop’s reigning princess Lady Gaga even penned a song for the Diamond Princess.

staging-rapup.kinsta.cloud gives you the rundown on 10 tracks from Trina’s May 4th release.

1. “Amazin'”
Produced by Young Yonny

The piano encumbers this powerful anthem. Trina reminds listeners why she’s so amazing, while taking them on a journey from where she’s been to where she’s going. The laggard track resembles the music behind a sports training session, reminiscent of something Bill Conti would do for Rocky Balboa. Trina, a fighter in her own right, describes her stardom simply and curt, using the time-honored phrase, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

2. “That’s My Attitude”
Produced by Schife & OhZee

If this headstrong femcee could have any attitude in the world, it would probably be of the celibate nature. She just doesn’t give a you-know-what. A synthesized piano is featured on this mid-tempo track, where Trina gets cocky. Conceited would be an understatement. She justifies ignoring members of the opposite sex, claiming, “You ain’t on my latitude.” The Sagittarius compares her attitude to that of a birthday girl, but not the one that cries at her own party—rather the one that has fun no matter what catastrophe erupts.

3. “Million Dollar Girl” feat. Diddy and Keri Hilson
Produced by Mario Winans and C.P. Hollywood

Trina spends her dough at Neiman Marcus, jet sets across the globe, and drives her pink Ferrari on her first single, which exudes jump-up-and-down joviality. This dance thumper features Keri Hilson and million-dollar-man Diddy, who throws a party with his kinetic rhymes. He claims, “I ain’t trying to buy you/ I’m trying to slide you up out them Guccis.” This track is the perfect retail store soundtrack, where Gossip Girls everywhere shop until they drop and feel guiltless afterwards.

4. “My Bitches”
Produced by Schife

If ever there was a track that was loud, raucous, and in-your-face, this is the one. There’s a whole lot going on, and it’s all supported by heavy bass. Trina gives shout-outs to all of her signature chick cliques, and even mentions the exotic dancers, who are a hot commodity on records these days. The Diamond Princess also gives a few “how to” lessons, like helping her lady friends earn a degree in female callousness. For starters, make your man beg.

5. “I Go So Hard”
Produced by Rico Love

If Drumline were to create a sequel, this track would be in it. The featured tenor drums and trombones blow other party songs out of the water. What makes this one different from other titles bearing a similar name is the production and humorous wordplay. Some chicks want to be hard with no loot, but the Baddest Chick boasts of her booty: “You say you got a Porsche, I got three of them, and a horse.” Can’t compete with that.

6. “Dang a Lang” feat. Nicki Minaj and Lady Saw
Produced by Frank E.

A spin-off of “I Go So Hard,” this number boasts a reggae-infused marching band. Jamaican bombshell Lady Saw brings the pain in the hook, while Trina and Nicki Minaj appear sly when talking around the object of the song, but that may be because their metaphors and allusions are so on-point. Minaj, a product of the wordsmith factory, delivers another solid round of bars, comparing a man’s unmentionables to the Ringling Brothers jugglers. Enough said. “I have a car, a big house,” Trina brags, which means she only needs a man for his “parts.” Women using men, and not for their money, has officially turned the tables of control.

7. “On Da Hush” feat. Shonie
Produced by J.R. Rotem

The flute is used much throughout here, and is something like the violin when it comes to creating a somber, dramatic effect. That is what Trina attempts to do when spitting bars about a man that she loves, but must do so undercover. Why you ask? Because he has a girlfriend. This track is more on the R&B side, sluggish in beat to convey a message and to play for someone rather than slow dance to.

8. “Make Way” feat. Lyfe Jennings
Produced by Cozmo

Trina says make way, but what she really means is step to the left. The raptress bites off the heads of her haters, using her success story as the sharp-toothed chomp. She gets at everyone here, from those that said her man was too good for her, to those that attempted to steal her pride. The lyrics, “When you see the fireworks blowing…make way,” are just a metaphor she uses for the non-fans to step to the side while she shines. Needless to say, there’s no choice but to move over.

9. “Hoes Fight” feat. Lady Gaga and Kalenna of Dirty Money
Produced by Jim Jonsin

This pounding, woofer-worthy track is not about Trina getting into a fight; it’s about letting other chicks scrap and rising above it. Different scenarios play out here, like the good-looking guy buying a drink for a lady, while a salty girl looks on jealously. “Don’t hate me,” Trina says, as Lady Gaga creates a confusing and rebellious, yet pleasurable mix of hip-pop on the hook. If that style isn’t enough, Trina channels the flow of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

10. “Gucci Shoe Shoppin'” feat. MGI
Produced by GoodWill & MGI

Get rid of those Louies and Pradas. This may not be product placement, but it sure is a smart way to get some free swag. MGI sings the chorus, giving off an Akon-like wail effect, while Trina delights in Gucci shoes—making other designers pale in comparison. It’s consumerism at its finest, but its intention is not for the general public to go out and buy a pair, but more so to celebrate those who enjoy the brand already.

Five additional songs were mentioned, but not played because they are awaiting mixing. They include the following:

11. “I Want It All” feat. Monica
12. “White Girls” feat. Flo Rida (BlackOut)
13. “Showin’ Out” feat. Trey Songz
14. “Capricorn”
15. “By Myself” (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

–Tanya Remekie


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