Keyshia Cole Refuses to Watch Monica’s Childbirth Video

Monica and Keyshia Cole already gave us a peek into their friendship with their collaboration “Trust.” But the bond between the two singers is deeper than what’s on the record.

The BFFs have both turned their lives around and experienced the ups and downs of fame. “We wanted to live a different life and be an example for something different than what we may have represented before,” Monica tells Rap-Up.com. “So our bond is way beyond what people see.”

Aside from starring on BET reality shows, the ladies share a lot in common. “[Keyshia’s] one of my absolute best friends,” the “Everything to Me” songstress reveals. “She’s my youngest son’s godmother. And now I’m watching her experience something else that I have which is pregnancy.”

While rumors suggest that Keyshia already had her baby with fiancé Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, Monica claims that is not the case. However, the mother of two did offer her pregnant friend some advice, not all of which she took. “I’ve given her tips on how to be prepared for labor and delivery,” says Mo. “She refused to watch my [delivery] tape because I video’d [laughs]. She said, ‘Nah, don’t scare me, man, I’m good. Keep that tape at your house.'”

–Reporting by Rajul Punjabi