Sean Garrett Raises the Bar for Drake

  /  03.04.2010

Sean Garrett and Drake

“I think he’s going to make his fans really happy,” Sean Garrett says about one of the most anticipated albums of the year. The singer-songwriter is of course speaking about Drake’s debut Thank Me Later.

Garrett reveals to that he has been in the studio with hip-hop’s breakout star. “I’m working on some stuff for his album,” he shares. “I heard some shit and it’s hot as fuck.”

With such great expectations for the spring release, how did “The Pen” approach the project? “When you’re dealing with somebody like him, you wanna come hard, you wanna come so ridiculous, you wanna come in a direction that no one, including him, had any idea that you would come,” he explains. “It makes it really difficult. There’s only so far you can go with your résumé sometimes. It’s all about what you did today, so you’re always trying to outdo yourself.”

S. Dot is making sure the “Best I Ever Had” MC only gets his best. “At this point it’s just about coming up with that masterful record that I will probably keep for myself but I’mma give it to him. It’s gotta be hot enough for me to say, ‘Damn, should I give this away?'”

Drizzy knows when to have fun, but when he’s in the lab, he’s all about his business. “He tends to like to have fun. He’s enjoying the moment. When he’s out, he’s always smiling and happy, and real giddy about meeting the fans—just being a real people’s person. But when he’s in the studio, he seems to be very, very focused on what it is he’s trying to accomplish.”

The first collaboration between the two will be an upcoming single from Garrett’s U.S. debut. “It’s a mid-tempo and it’s about love,” he says of the track. “We both like to talk about love in our own particular way, and that’s the reason why I felt like he was perfect for that record. I think a lot of ladies are gonna love this record.”



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