Nina Sky Reveals Details Behind Label Ordeal

  /  03.11.2010

Nina Sky

Just like many of their hip-hop and R&B peers, Nina Sky utilize Twitter to promote their musical stylings and keep fans in tune with their movement. Recently, the twin duo took to the social-networking site to voice concerns over a stalemate they’re experiencing with their record label, Polo Grounds Music.

“Starting a new campaign today… ‘Nina Sky Doesn’t Play Polo,'” they tweeted on Wednesday (March 10). “For months we’ve had a complete album, ready for release. Y’all wanna know what’s really goin’ on? Nothing [and] that’s the problem. We released [two] videos and singles without support from our label. All good… Stayed positive. After months of no movement, we asked to be released [and] still nothing. No acknowledgment from the President of our label, Bryan Leach. Bottom line, we want to be released. If you’re really down with our movement, holler [at] Bryan Leach.”

Nicole and Natalie, who comprise Nina Sky, originally signed with Polo Grounds Music in 2006, after an amicable release from Universal Records. Since then, the sonic dyad feels label president Bryan Leach has not kept his end of the bargain after they formed a union. “Upon signing, [Bryan said] he wasn’t gonna do what Universal did and shelve our [second] album, [Starting Today],” Natalie reveals to “He was gonna get us in the studio, we were gonna complete our album, and we were gonna release it. Now obviously we don’t expect that to happen overnight; it takes time and we have to get in with different producers. It took like two years to complete [the album] to the point where we were happy with it. He didn’t stay true to his word.”

Though Nina Sky admits Leach pushed their first single, “Curtain Call” featuring Rick Ross, the bulk of the work has since come from them. “Me and Nicole are not gonna sit on our asses and not do anything,” Natalie says. “On our own, we did a video for ‘On Some Bull—-‘ to warm people up for what was to come. He didn’t move with that. Then we decided to do another video [‘Beautiful People’] to help the push. Why be signed to a label if they’re not gonna help you?”

Failed attempts to reach Leach regarding their project resulted in the candid Twitter blasts. “We met with him, and he said, ‘I’ll give you a call in a week,'” Nicole discloses. “This meeting happened three months ago. We haven’t received that call yet. But we’ll get emails saying, ‘Call me now,’ then when we do, he’ll say, ‘I’m in a meeting for another two hours.’ He strings us along.”

As a result of the issues with Polo Grounds, previously recorded Nina Sky songs have gone to other artists, namely SRC Records pop singer Shontelle. Producers Bruno and Phil gave ‘DJ Made Me Do It’—originally composed for and recorded by Nina Sky—to the Bajan singer. “That wasn’t a record that we necessarily wrote, but we conceptualized it,” Nicole states. “That record screamed ‘Nina Sky’—singing, DJing. [Shontelle’s] version is me scratching on her record. Records that we have done are getting given away to other artists because Bryan Leach hasn’t paid for them.” Natalie continues, “The fact of the matter is, we lost a great record that was something we put our heart and souls into.”

While some may criticize their choice to ask for a release from their label publicly, the group, currently the faces of Rachel Roy’s ad campaign and featured on Major Lazer’s single, “Keep It Goin’ Louder,” have only one agenda: pleasing their fans. “The reason we went to Twitter is because it’s our direct connection to the people who support the Nina Sky movement,” Nicole says. “On a daily basis, we get questioned about when our album is coming out. How many times are we gonna put up a front and lie to these people, like, ‘It’s coming, it’s coming.’ We don’t have those answers, so we’re gonna give you the contact information of the person who does. As an artist, you’re conditioned to think if you say anything you’ll get blacklisted. You have to be honest with yourself about what’s happening. Your career is not over when you put things like this out there.”

–Georgette Cline


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