Chamillionaire & Paul Wall Reunite for Tour

Old friends Chamillionaire and Paul Wall are walking on familiar territory once again. The Houston rappers, formerly known as The Color Changin’ Click, will embark on a 21-city tour titled “In Love With My Money,” aptly named for the duo’s most recognized hit, “N Luv Wit My Money,” the 2002 single from their Get Ya Mind Correct release.

The tour, which kicks off today at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, reunites Cham and Paul, who released more than three albums together. “Originally Paul had his own touring plans and I had my own touring plans,” Chamillionaire tells “But for a while I had been thinking me and Paul should just go on tour. We kinda had been talking about it, but never really did it. So I was at the point where I was willing to sacrifice some things because I feel like it would create more excitement if both of us go together.”

While most shows tend to focus on one headliner, this one does not. “It’s two artists but it’s one show—we both perform together,” says Cham, who admits the only thing he needs on tour is his iPhone and recording equipment. “It’s back and forth [but] we close out together. It’s not like he performs before me and I come after him, or vice versa. It’s one full show. There’s a lot of people that are familiar with my work across the nation. That’s cool, but before I put out ‘Ridin’ Dirty,’ [Paul and I] were a group a while back. A lot of fans that are familiar with the history will probably show up to the tour.”

Chamillionaire is aware of his fan base, which is one of the reasons he set out to form a union with the “Grillz” hitmaker. “It’s more about getting the Texas fan base excited, the fans that really appreciate this type of music we put out,” he reveals. “Labels don’t have budgets like they used to and artists are just sitting at home. Well, we don’t want to sit at home. We want to go out to the marketplace and shake the fans’ hands.”

Concert attendees will be graced with hits from each rapper’s individual catalogue, as well as joint records like “N Luv Wit My Money” and “Main Event” featuring Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Dorrough, a record from Chamillionaire’s forthcoming album, Venom, due June 22.

The “In Love With My Money” tour begins this Sunday in Los Angeles and ends April 23 in Houston. Click here for dates.

–Georgette Cline