Big Sean and Kanye West

Big Sean Talks Kanye West Album, Debut

Kanye West has been quietly recording his fifth studio album in Hawaii away from the spotlight, but one person who’s been able to sample the confidential goods is his protégé Big Sean.

“I feel like Kanye’s albums are always groundbreaking and I’m sure he’s gonna do that with his next project,” the G.O.O.D. Music signee told of the tentatively titled Good Ass Job. “It’s great. It’s hip-hop. I feel like Kanye always does a great job of reinventing himself and I want him to shock the world. People are going to love it.”

In addition to creating his next masterpiece, Kanye has had a hand in Sean’s debut Finally Famous. “My album is going to be out this year. We’ll see if mine and his can come out around the same time,” remarked the Detroit-bred rapper. “[Kanye] did a lot of work on the album though. He co-produced two tracks and produced two more.”

Sean revealed the names of some of the records. “He produced a song called ‘Whatever You Want’ that’s real good, and co-produced a song called ‘Made’ and a song called ‘Way Out.’ Recently ‘Way Out’ had leaked, but it was a super fucked up version. It wasn’t even the version that’s going to be on the album. I want to make sure people know it’s going to be a completely different version of that coming out on my album.”

In addition to Mr. West, he has also logged studio time with super-producers Pharrell and No I.D. “It’s going to be great,” he said.

–Rajul Punjabi